Plan With Me – May 2018

I am currently out of pre-printed Kikki K designed calendar pages until June so I decided to do my month calendar pages a bit different. I do struggle to fit my life into the small Kikki K calendar page squares so I have expanded them out below. With a turquoise sparkle tape and some white scrapbooking board all the calendar pages were a breeze to make. The theme for the pages was inspired by some notepaper and a card I purchased in Hawaii. I have not used a sea-green theme before but I am excited to see how this will turn out over the month.


I had the most fun designing the cover page for May. I combined some ideas from a couple of bullet journal posts on pinterest and managed to come up with one of my favourite designs. May leads us into winter here in New Zealand and there has both been a lot of rain and falling leaves over the last couple of weeks. This design will hopefully inspire me through the rainy and cold season ahead.


My day by day calendar pages are pretty standard and similar to the other months of this year. It is amazing how a little bit of washi tape and a calligraphy pen can make a planner look artistic with minimal effort. The calendar pages I am using have been designed by Un joyeux Petit Bazaar which I purchased off Etsy earlier in the year. I have enjoyed using these, but will be going back to using the Kikki K planner pages next month. The day to day pages below are really customisable but it can be hard to cover up the different sections if you want to use them differently. A lot of my other planner content is also designed to suit the Kikki K day to day pages, although I do wish they would provide different layouts of these pages.

20180429_113107 (2)

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