Kikki K Haul: Own Your Story

I have loved this collection from the day Kikki K released it, and it was some time ago now. The Kikki K collections never last forever, and I would definitely suggest going out and buying some of the items from this collection. Like usual I purchased the sticker book, and some of the gel pens. I also purchased the B5 notepad, and got the to do list on an April promotion.

20180505_165031Gel pens:

I thought I would start with the smallest item. I purchased a three pack of gel pens and love the designs. As a lot of my themes seem to focus around a blush pink colour in my planner I imagine I will use the pink pens more. I am slowly trying to bring a black and gold theme through my home and work offices, so may save the third pen for that. The quote on the pink pen says ‘own your story’ and is always a good reminder.

I do have quite a collection of pens now, and I really need to find a cute, white pen holder for all my beautiful Kikki k, and hand-lettering pens.

Sticker Book

Always one of my favourite items in any Kikki K collection is the Sticker Book. One thing I like about this sticker book, is there are a lot of really small stickers. I haven’t found this in other sticker books I have purchased. These stickers are very easy to incorporate within the small month calendar pages. There are the standard pages of borders, gift tags and present stickers. I do not tend to use these a lot, but they are gorgeous. I am addicted to coffee, so the coffee theme through this collection was really too hard to resist, and the pink, gold colouring of this collection fits seamlessly into my planner style.

B5 Notepad

While I would have much rather have loved a Paper Lovers Book to be released with this collection, the B5 notepad provides a really good alternative. The pages in the notepad are predominantly of blush pink colour, or white. There are a few ruled pages with black borders, but there would not be more than 10 of these pages. So if you want black pages, I would suggest looking into one of the other collections. For me, this suits the B5 notepad I purchased from the Thrive collection, which is also a pink-centered collection. I cannot wait to find ways to use this notepaper.

Daily Notes (To Do List)

Lastly, and probably my favourite piece of the whole collection, is the Daily Notes insert, which is basically a glamorous to do list paper pad. I have used this quite a lot on my planner already as have owned it for a few weeks. A promotion was run in April shortly after the collection was released and I was lucky enough to snatch one of these up as Kikki K ran in out and of stock on these inserts. The only drawback to this insert is that the pages are double sided. I am too OCD to be able to write out notes for non-consequential dates so have been finding this a bit difficult as don’t have a lot of smaller tasks every day of the week. Because of this I have been flicking between using this paper on busier days of the work week, and when I have large tasks, using a different to do list that has less rows.


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2 thoughts on “Kikki K Haul: Own Your Story

    1. Yeah I spend way too much money at Kikki K but it is all just too gorgeous to resist! Is that the words to inspire book? I know they have released the Hello Holo range which I am of two minds to do a haul on, I know some other stores have similar planner materials as that range. Not sure if you mean that collection or the Mothers Day one.


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