Homemade Happiness by Chelsea Winter

20170305_100931Is it for you?

This is an absolutely great cookbook that I could recommend to anyone. It is really easy to follow, and for the most part the recipes are also online. The cookbook is separated by meal times which makes it easy to navigate. The style is written in paragraphs and there are a lot of little tips and explanations about why she has chosen certain ingredients or methodologies. The ingredients are easy to source, and this cookbook is really aimed at the typical busy, domestic cook which makes it so versatile. If I was going to give any cookbook as a present it would probably be this one.

The Cooking Experience

I have made quite a few recipes out of this cookbook and all of them have turned out delicious. The Dinner Time section of this cookbook is amazing. All the meals I have made are full of flavour, easy to prepare and easy to cook. Her Italian Chicken Bake is one of my favourite recipes and we have made this recipe a few times. I am a firm advocate for recipes that do not take long to prepare, and are straight forward.


There is a blurb at the beginning of each of her recipes which I really like as it explains how different ingredients work together, why she has chosen the flavours, or the methodologies used in the recipe. I like learning how different ingredients work together and how they contribute to the final dish so I find these blurbs really interesting. There are also little tips with most recipes, or alternatives that you can use for different meats or other ingredients. While I am well used to changing things up based on what I have available in the garden, or what is on special at the supermarket they are still fun to read and useful. I think these little things make cooking from this cookbook not only more enjoyable, but easier to follow and more stress free.


Was it for me?

I have really enjoyed cooking from this cookbook, and at the moment it is probably one of my favourite cookbooks. All the recipes I have tried have been easy to make, delicious and stress free to make. I enjoy most of her recipes, and after cooking out of her Homemade Happiness cookbook I do want to purchase some of her other cookbooks.

Homemade Happiness is the perfect title for this cookbook as so many of the recipes are comfort food recipes, or have ingredients like ginger, mashed potato or chillies which leave you feeling warm and satisfied.


Recipes I’ve Tried

  • Italian Chicken Bake (page 60)
  • Sticky Lemon and Rosemary Drumsticks (page 76)
  • Chicken Fettucine (page 102)
  • Nasi Goreng (page 106)
  • Beef Bourguignon (page 108)
  • The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (page 142)
  • Lemon, Honey and Blueberry Muffins (page 146)
  • Ginger Kisses (page 154)
  • Golden Oat Cookies (page 160)
  • Coffee and Walnut Cake (page 164)
  • Cheesy Courgette and Relish Muffins (page 184)

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