20171229_130924Hi! I’m Alanna Marise, the voice of this blog filled with travel ideas (especially within New Zealand), gardening and cooking tips!

I have always loved the natural environment, particularly beaches. I have done a small amount of international travel, but think the world is what you make it and there is a lot you can discover in your own back yard. This has meant that I have now traveled most of New Zealand and have really enjoyed almost every part of it I have been to. I think you need to be proud of where you are form, and I hope you enjoy the stories that I share on Alanna Marise about the breathtaking, stunning and fun back yard of New Zealand I live in.

It is fair to say that in my spare time I am a hobbyist. I love having a lot of things on the go and while I may not be good at finishing any of them, it sure does give me a lot to talk about. From cross-stitch to colouring in, calligraphy to day-planner scrapbooking, I have really tried it all. I love ideas, new colours, new ways of putting old elements together and seeing what others can produce. I am addicted to Kikki K and washi tape, and I hope that you can come to appreciate the beauty and reward you can get from crafting, if you do not already, through this blog.


Of course, the domestic pleasures of gardening and cooking are also hobbies that bring me a lot of joy. I am lucky to be surrounded by a lot of brilliant cooks in my extended family, and through their inspiring journeys I have really come to love food. My partner and I love trying out new restaurants and I enjoy cooking through recipes in my many cookbooks. I will share my cooking journey with you through this blog and hopefully guide you a little bit through the often confusing and ever-changing culinary world.



Anyone that knows me well, knows that I like to garden, and not on a small scale mind you. Many have joked and called me a ‘market gardener’ and if a few people say it, it cannot be far from the truth, right? I find gardening truly rewarding, and am slowly stashing up a variety of seeds. As it is never a 100% success rate, or so my father tells me, I thought I would share some of the do’s and don’ts I have learnt through my gardening experience.

I really share a variety of things on this blog, and if you want to follow someone that posts more than only food, or only travel posts then I am the blog to follow. Jack of all trades, and master of none right… but hey, I will have a pretty exciting story to tell!

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