Mohs Hardness Scale: 6-7

Cleavage: None

Fractures: Choncoidal

Luster: Vitreous to Waxy

The first gemstone that was ever added to my collection was Chrysoprase, and it is still one of my favourite pieces due to its captivating apple green colour. This gemstone was a gift from my Uncle to me, and it really launched me on my rock collecting adventure. It is one of the biggest pieces in my collection at about  cm by cm. The piece I have is a rough piece, meaning it has not been cut or polished. It is from Australia, and as such has some neat Geothite layers running in between the green Chrysoprase layers.


The name for this gemstone is derived from two greek words, ‘chrys’ for gold, and ‘prase’ for leek, relating to the gold colour.

Commonly the colour of these stones is a deep sea green, but Lemon Chrysoprase is also a very common version of Chrysoprase. It’s colour is more of a light yellow occasionally heading towards white (for the less expensive pieces). Deeper coloured pieces of Chrysoprase are seen to be more desirable, with gemstones with consistent colouring being more valuable. The depth of colour can range from opaque to more translucent, with opaque stones being more popular in jewellery. The stones are commonly polished and shaped into spherical or oval shapes for jewellery, such as necklaces and rings. The colour can fade in the sun, and can be revived with a damp cloth.

The stones are made predominantly comprised of Chalcedony (a form of Silica) with small amounts of nickel. The crystals within these stones are too small to see under magnification (cryptocrystalline). The presence of nickel gives the stone it’s gorgeous green hue.

Common places where this gemstone is found is Australia, Germany and Poland, among others.


The gorgeous apple green colour of Chrysoprase makes this stone really popular for jewellery. It is generally easy to find, and not expensive. I do not own any pieces of jewellery with this stone at this stage but you often see them at gemstores or weekend markets.


Apple Green Chrysoprase has the powers to attract new love, for abundance and prosperity. Might be a good gemstone to have attached to a long chain necklace, or in a brooch placed over your heart. Lemon Chrysoprase is thought to bring good fortune, prosperity and for the lucky business success, so this stone may be a good one to place on your desk at work.