I am a lover of crumbles, I always have been and always will be. They are so easy to bake, can use up excess fruit and when done right end up with a melt-in-your-mouth, comforting and delicious dessert (or breakfast, lunch, or snack).

Finally, after many crumbles, some good, some bad, I have managed to discover a truly exceptional crumble topping mix. As I think this is the best crumble mix ever (and I have tried a lot of variations) I am only going to bother you lovely readers with the one crumble topping. This was passed onto me by my partners mother, as he kindly explained that his mothers recipe was better. I can humbly, and assuredly say that in this case (and only this case) he was right. So without further ado please go ahead and make the best crumple topping mix ever!

The recipes that follow are the recipes and how-tos for the fruit mixtures that form the soft, melted and delicious bases to the good old crumble. A lot of these I have taken from various recipes, thrown together myself, or adapted from the original. Pick your potion, add the crumble and you will be away with the best crumble ever!

Apple and rhubarb

Apple and pear