Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course


Gordon Ramsay released his Ultimate Cookery Course into the world a few years ago to help people learn how to cook all sorts of dishes. This course covers 100 recipes and 100 cooking tips to stake your life on and to help you cook with confidence and make each and every one of us chefs in our own kitchens.

I was inspired to cook through this course, not only by Gordon Ramsay challenging me to, but also the movie Julie & Julia, where a struggling-to-make-a-difference blogger decides to cook through Julia Child’s French cookbook, Mastering the Art of French Cooking in a year and blog the journey. In an effort to diversify my cooking and learn more about fresh herbs and spices I thought I would give this cook through Gordon Ramsay’s course in a year, and blog about it a go. While not an original idea, the fact I have to blog about it (as now I have admitted this to you) it may hold me accountable to working my way through this course. Looking through the course I am already a bit nervous about some of the recipes (particularly the large meat cuts), and excited about others (mostly those where I get to use a mortar and pestle).

Weeks 1-3 Cooking with confidence

As I live in New Zealand a lot of the food here is different to that available in the UK, as such I will be making minor alterations to a few recipes, and quite major alterations to others to be able to create something similar.

There is a cookbook that goes along with this course, which I must admit I did splurge on. So if any of these recipes inspire you then you could either buy the recipe book, google the particular recipe you want, or check out youtube as this was originally released as a one season tv series.