I have always had a fascination for baking and cooking. My mother always tried to include me or my brothers in the baking she was doing when we were quite little, and for me I guess this caught on. Now as a supposedly fully fledged adult I get quite excited about new recipes, having a herb garden and purchasing new kitchen equipment.

13453326_10209659493544883_1048518159_oFor the most part I do cook from recipes I get off the internet or magazines but I do own quite a few cookbooks that I pull recipes from. My most utilised cookbooks are the Australian Womens Weekly Slow Cooker, Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Cookery Course Cookbook andย ย The Best of Alison Holst.

Anyone that knows me well will know that I am a much more diversified and confident in the baking arena, then with cooking. Because of this it is quite likely this section of my website will be overrun with baking recipes, rather than cooked meals.



I have always loved making crumbles because they are so easy, and I have finally sorted the best crumble topping. Here is a link to this section of my site, the crumble topping recipe is listed separately to the fruit mixes I use in the crumble.





Healthy Salads


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